About Us

From Trauma to Transformation


Co-founded by Mark Escott in 2011, Life Chance Group is all about innovation; pioneering a holistic approach, providing services using dedicated and expert staff, offering proven, positive impacts.


Life Chance has helped 100s of children and young people feel CARED for, NURTURED, and INSPIRED  Рallowing them to reach their potential, develop confidence and be the positive members of society they were always meant to be!


Mark Escott’s experiences as a teenager were similar to those of the young people he’s helped, and he’s proud to share how his life was transformed as a result of the right support at the right time. His book ‘One More Life Chance’ ¬†details his journey from trauma to successful business owner and education leader and is an Amazon bestselling author.


Life Chance believes in collaboration across many sectors to help achieve our ambition and aspirations for the future, to ensure we continue to be trailblazers. This ethos, and our continual commitment to excellence, has lead to Life Chance and Mark Escott being shortlisted for, and winning, a number of awards.