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Life Chance Care – we’re using our established expertise to provide an outreach provision for staff, to support children and young people who are experiencing difficulties in an educational setting.

Life Chance Care outreach supports the inclusion of students with special educational needs. We emphasise improving outcomes for these young people within school and beyond, by providing school staff with the support to be confident in their approach to pupils with additional needs.


The schools we work with are involved in a broad range of collaborative activities to support this aim, and our focus is on sharing the skills and expertise we have developed from running an award winning SEMH Trauma Recovery day school in Devon since 2014.


Your staff will be part of a collaborative approach to providing quality-first teaching, using relational behavioural techniques and practices that have been proven ‘best in class’ across the UK and beyond to support students who are facing possible exclusion or suspensions.


The benefits of our service

Increased pressures on the NHS and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) can mean long waiting times for assessments and support. In the meantime, young people continue to struggle in school because of unmet needs, and extra pressures are placed on school staff.


Specialist support for children at risk of exclusion, because excluded children are:

  • Often the most vulnerable 
  • More likely to have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • 2 x as likely to be in state care
  • 4 x more likely to be growing up in poverty
  • 7 x times more likely to have a special educational need 
  • 10 x more likely to experience mental health problems
  • Overall, more likely as adults to be unemployed, develop severe mental health problems and/or go to prison. 

“We feel this has helped us bypass much unnecessary upset and frustration – by having this report, we can stop trying to convince everyone, it is a welcome relief… I cannot think of how to improve this invaluable experience…  We talked to competent, kind and understanding professionals, who then produced a report to make our daughter’s life, and ours, a little easier.  We feel we are on the same page now with the right people who are are open to feedback, comments and anything else that would help.”

Mrs M, parent of assessed child.

Our Outreach Provision

Step 1 – Observation Visit and strategy / solution visit with follow-up impact visit.

Step 2 – a range of options, including:

  • Direct Intervention / Support in school or training
  • Individual / Group / Whole school support
  • Visits to specialist settings to observe strategies and approaches in practice
  • Joint planning
  • Modelling of techniques and strategies
  • Resource or equipment loans

Step 3 – Bespoke Package: a menu of additional support can be arranged to suit individual or group requirements. Please contact us for more info.

Our Purpose:

Nowhere is Britain’s social mobility failure more obvious than in the example of school exclusion in England – and in Devon we have one of the highest proportions of excluded children to population. ( regional exclusion and suspension data – Autumn Term 2022)


The problem is much bigger than previously recognised. As mental ill-health in young people rises, more children are subject to interaction with social care services every year, and so more vulnerable children spill into alternative provision. Too often this path leads them straight from school exclusion to social exclusion.


Recent data from shows that the most common reason for suspension and permanent exclusion was persistent disruptive behaviour – but at Life Chance, we understand that behaviour is a communication of unmet need.


Our outreach provision is designed to collaborate, share learning and equip schools and staff with strategies, training, interventions and support to enable more students to remain and flourish in mainstream settings.

Next steps

For more information, please call: 01626-244086 or email: [email protected]

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