Students And Teachers Enjoy Motivation Training

It was great to welcome Johnny Tenn to School for Inspiring Talents in Torquay recently to deliver his ‘Developing your Talent’ workshop.

Teachers and students both participated in the workshop together all day. The workshop is a one-day gateway into personal development, and gave students, teachers and support staff access to new possibilities. Running the workshop with both students and staff helped create and environment that built trust and team spirit.

Topics covered by Johnny included:

  • Relationship building.
  • Noticing how perception impacts actions and therefore outcomes. Everybody was introduced to the concept of ‘pausing’ at pivotal moments to allow new choices and possibilities to open up.
  • You inner voice, how it is running all the time, and the impact the inner voice has on our daily life. Becoming aware of our inner voice we can exercise a shift. Building on that idea, leads to uncovering the negative and positive conversations (above and below the line) we all have with ourselves.

The workshop really opened up students and staff to understanding how they can shift actions and behaviour to reveal new possibilities and get the outcomes they want. This was a great day, enjoyed by all and we want to give a big thank you to Johnny Tenn for his inspiring and motivational workshop